"The potential within the A32NX project is extremely promising and its future is bright in the task of bringing the aircraft to a level of high fidelity."

- Dan, Real Airbus A320 Pilot


The volunteers in our community work hard around the clock to consistently bring new features and create the best A320neo possible. Let's take a look at some of the features the A32NX has to offer!

Electronic Flight Bag

The EFB is an integrated tablet with a handy toolkit, a settings page, performance tools, and more.

Custom Soundpack

Enjoy sounds like never before, the A32NX includes a fully custom and highly accurate soundpack.

Simbrief Integration

Make flight plan entry a breeze with the SimBrief integration, all it takes is one click and you are ready to go!

Product Installer

FlyByWire has a custom product installer, which makes the task of installing all FlyByWire products hassle free.

Experimental Variations

Want to experiment with our new features? You can! We have several ready to test branches with experimental features on our installer!

Constant Additions

The A32NX development branches are updated almost daily with brand new features you can test right away!


FlyByWire has created several tutorials and documents to make learning the A320 quickly and accurately possible for anyone!

Open Source

The FlyByWire A32NX is completely open sourced, anyone can contribute to the project, and it can be freely reused under our licence.



We have included many options to download our addons, you can use our custom and simple installer to always keep your products up to date, or you can download using standalone installations.

  • Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Flight Simulator - no external programs required.
  • Safe, trustworthy, and constantly updated to assure nothing is broken.
  • One click install, neatly organized into one compact folder.

Our easy-to-use installer is the easiest way to get started with our addons. Simply launch and install any addon you want, with only two clicks.

Direct Download

If you prefer a direct download, the following links are available.

Stable Release
Development Build
Experimental Build
Our Experimental Version is temporarily on hold and all of its features have been moved to the Development Version.